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    Suffering an injury at work, auto accident, athletic event, or countless other ways can result in significant pain. Since we have been in practice in Totowa, the doctors and staff and NJ Health & Injury have provided compassionate and skilled care to those who have been injured. Our doctors and physical therapists bring exceptional experience, talent and resources to improve lives.

    We provide family chiropractic treatments to address patients’ routine health concerns as well as all types of sports injuries. We treat professionals as well as everyday athletes including running, tennis, golf, football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, track and field, soccer, basketball, weightlifting, wrestling, dancers, etc. NJ Health & Injury will be opening a new office in Bogota, New Jersey. Our mission is to serve our community and empower our patients to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives through minimally invasive and natural treatments.

    The entire medical staff of NJ Health & Injury is committed to providing chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture solutions to address your unique needs. If you are experiencing any ailments and believe that you may be a candidate for chiropractic care, acupuncture, or physical therapy, please contact NJ Health & Injury at (973) 942-0220 or send us an email at to schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated medical professionals. Our compassionate and friendly staff will help you to develop a personalized treatment plan to cure any health issues you may be facing. The NJ Health & Injury Solution office is located at 442 Union Blvd, Totowa, NJ 07512

    Dr. Jorge De La Torre believes in pursuing a “whole person” approach to chiropractic care by looking for the underlying causes of disease, pain, and discomfort, as opposed to merely treating the symptoms. He believes everyone deserves a chance to experience their full potential, from the above down and inside out. Dr. Jorge is a certified Sports Physician (ICCSP) and certified in Activator Technique and an Extremity Adjusting Practitioner.

    Dr. Kenneth M. Ermann, DC, is one of the most extensively credentialed and recognized sports medicine and chiropractic health experts. Dr. Ermann has over 20 years of experience as the official team chiropractor for the NFL, New York Giants, the NBA, and the New Jersey Nets. Some of the conditions he treats at include bulging and herniated discs, sprains, tendinitis, stenosis, ligament and tendon tears, muscle tears, bursitis, and cartilage lesions.

    Dr. Navi Khabra is the physical therapist at NJ Health & Injury. She has successfully rehabilitated patients with various medical conditions and even helped some patients avoid surgery and long-term dependency on pharmaceutical painkillers. She works closely with our other doctors to diagnose conditions in patients and develop individualized treatment plans to facilitate rehabilitation.