I am the office manager of NJ Health and Injury Solutions. Dr’s De La Torre and Ermann along with our physical therapist Navi form a compassionate team that takes every patient through the process of recovery with expertise and caring professionalism. It has been a pleasure to work with the staff of NJ Health and Injury Solutions every day and to see the changes we are making in the lives of our patients. I have worked in the health care field for several years and have witnessed over and over again the positive life changes that happen to our injured patients. When someone who can barely walk into the office due to an injury or accident complaining of excessive pain levels can walk out after completing their treatment plan with a smile on their face saying ‘I’m going golfing,’ it is more than gratifying, to say the least. I have witnessed these changes in all ages of physical therapy and chiropractic patients from newborn babies to the elderly. I believe conservative holistic care is not only a form of pain relief but also an important part of a healthy lifestyle. I am excited to be located in Totowa and to be a part of the healthcare industry in this community. We are determined to help each and every one of our patients reaches their fullest potential and lives a life free from pain.